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Our mission
At Paragraf, our mission is to ensure that companies like yours have access to global markets thanks to our high quality translation and localization services that respond precisely to tight deadlines. For optimal effectiveness, not only does Paragraf recruit highly qualified professionals, but it also relies on the most recent communication and computer technologies
You know how extremely important it is that the translators to whom you send your technical texts are capable of rendering the meaning and message of your texts as faithfully as possible in the target language. That is why at Paragraf, the translators have a high degree of expertise in their respective fields. We have the most updated software localization technology, which allows us to optimize the project management process in the areas of the localization of user graphics interfaces, terminology management, computer-assisted translation (CAT), the maintenance of translation memories and the optimization of databases.

Thanks to our technical skills, not only can we respond efficiently to your specialized translation needs, but we also effectively use our knowledge to facilitate the translation and localization process and improve productivity, which then translates into a better quality/price relationship for our clientele.

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